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Belize Moonshine Distillery, LTD.

Distilled from the Heart of the Rainforest

Following ancient traditions combined with state of the art equipment,
Belize Moonshine Distillery, LTD. is producing Medicinal Herbal Tinctures, Infusions, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Fragrances, Perfumes & Cosmetics from the jungles of Belize. 

All of our operations are carefully supervised by a certified Usui Reiki Master, from harvest to final product.

Extra healing energy is focused on not only the herbs,  but at every step in the entire process to making the final, all natural, tropical herbal remedies. 


Certified Usui Reiki Master

Bruce started on the healing path after first visiting Belize in 1992. After numerous sweat lodges, tribal ceremonies, vision quests & much soul searching while spending alone time in various wildernesses & jungles, he embarked on the Reiki Path.

In January, 1994 he received his Reiki I & II training from Libby Barnett & Maggie Chambers (Baab). He then spent over a year working at a free clinic in Keene, New Hampshire, where he perfected those healing techniques before getting attuned by Steven McFadden for his Reiki III Master training in April 1995.


Trainings from the world famous Tracker School  

It was after he obtained his Reiki Master attunement's, that the Tracker school came into his life & he dove deep into all the trainings that Tom Brown Jr. offered.

In April, 1996, Bruce attended his first Tracker class with the world renown tracker, healer & wilderness expert, Tom Brown Jr

He was involved with the start of Tom's summer camps Coyote Tracks for youths in  1999 & also was involved in many of Tom's highest level classes and trainings, including leading a very special group for 7 years. 

He has attended, worked at & helped at over 30+ classes, including many of Tom's top healing, awareness, tracking & herbal classes along with many specialty group trainings along with many teachings from Tom's first student, Jon Young.


Certified Safe Food Handler

Having been involved with the natural & organic food industry for many, many years, Bruce understands the importance of safe food handling & how it relates to making herbal medicines & cosmetics.

He worked for several years with UNFI,  the largest natural & organic food distributor in the USA & Canada, where he worked his way up from Customer Service representative serving over 2000 stores & was promoted to Key Account Specialist for New England's largest grocery store chain handling all of their organics & natural foods. 


Certified Herbalist

Having been raised my his parents who knew and understood the woods, permaculture & organic gardening before those terms became popular.

Bruce was introduced to the healing qualities at a very young age.  His grandparents were a wealth of wisdom and he spent many summers with them while growing  up, absorbing all that he could.

He has received many years of training from many herbalists and Elders from around the world including many classes with Gail Ulrich at the Blazing Star Herbal School,  Tom Brown Jr, Jon Young, Wilderness Awareness School, Karen Sherwood &  the Grandfather Ingwe,  among many others.


Certified Minister

Although Bruce is not a fan of the way organized religion has turned into a control of the people, he is very interested in learning the old ways & philosophies of the native people. 

Having attended dozens (if not  hundreds!) of Native America, Mayan & other indigenous ceremonies, he always finds wisdom there & wishes to help preserve the old ways. 

If it still works in nature & there is a common thread, then it is worth keeping  in this day & age.

Nature is still pure & instead of trying to convert you out of fear,  nature uses love & beauty. 


Registered  as National Limited Corporation

National Company incorporated in Belize on March 11, 2020 

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