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Many years ago, at the edge of the jungle, in southern Belize, several friends gathered at a BBQ where the talks turned to the growing, harvesting & processing cannabis plants.

From this event, a seed was planted that would take almost 20 years to blossom.

They also talked about another type of cannabis that was both industrial & medical. 

Bruce was born with physical birth defects that has kept him in almost constant pain for most of his life. He had heard about some other medicinal properties of different strains of cannabis, but only understood a little back then about the differences between marijuana & industrial hemp.

At that time, there was very limited information available, as hemp was mostly unknown & it's rich, vibrant medical & industrial history had long been forgotten. 

He became friends with a CBD grower from the States who was growing 3 strains of CBDs & CBGs. From this grower, Bruce started to understand the important significance & benefits of CBD's & later received his Marijuana Medical Card from the State of California in 2014 years before California legalized recreational marijuana.

He began to self medicate with the various CBD's available with help & guidance from several cannabis doctors & growers. Almost immediately he started to notice not only pain relief, but also anti-inflammatory properties which enabled him to be fully physically active once again.  

Over the decades, the co-founders at Big D's Organics have been blessed to have among our long term friends, several Q'eqchi (Kek Chi) & Mopan Mayan growers, with families that includes 2nd & 3rd generation farmers in the same district as our hemp farm.

It is from these Mayan farmers that we draw from their experience & now have as our Master Growers, advisers & friends.

And now, almost 20 years later with Hemp finally legalized in Belize, that seed planted so long ago has finally blossomed.

Big D’s Organics is ready to start operations!


Punta Gorda. Belize
Central America

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